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Hi, I’m Kent.

I’m a strategic marketer, public speaker, consultant, content developer and media producer… and after 18 years in the industry I still get excited about delivering jaw-dropping campaigns and productions for my clients.

But then it’s hard not to get excited. Constantly evolving digital platforms have opened up opportunities for us to reach audiences in engaging and compelling ways like never before – allowing us to utilize multiple platforms to deliver truly integrated marketing that resonates with audiences and allows marketers to be as creative as they dare.

I work with companies helping to optimize their on and offline presence with integrated marketing activity, blending digital marketing, social media and compelling content, in order to surprise, inform, entertain and ultimately, win customers.

This is my personal  blog, where I share my insight into using marketing strategies to reach audiences in a way that engages them in conversations and acts as a platform to build trust, relationships and that ultimately, creates brand advocates.

As marketers, the way that we communicate with audiences is changing. With the convergence of ‘traditional’ marketing, PR and advertising, the opportunities and challenges for marketers have never been greater. The blurring of lines segmenting traditional marketing disciplines allows us to engage with audiences like never before. There is a brave new, ever-evolving world out there for creative marketers and the one thing thing that is becoming increasingly clear, is that traditional, interruptive marketing just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore – if businesses and brands are to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace, they must embrace the new marketing rules – or perish.

And so you’ll find that the articles I present here may on occasion challenge the traditional, established marketing approaches, and seek instead to explore new ways of thinking by incorporating an ever-expanding array of ‘new marketing’ tools and innovative approaches.

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the creative, marketing and production world. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and look forward to exploring, debating and engaging with you on these pages.