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5 Ways to Produce Content That Wins and Retains Customers.

5 Ways to Produce Content That Wins and Retains Customers.
Kent Height

While there are several factors that contribute towards the success of any online marketing activity, the quality of content is arguably the most important. Your reach and SEM success become inconsequential if your content isn’t actively engaging your audience. 

Content marketing is not a new idea or strategy – it has been prevalent since the inception of online business. However, with the domination of social and the growth of mobile marketing, the importance of producing jaw-dropping content that truly impacts audiences has increased exponentially and it is now the tool that determines the success of your online marketing activity.

As with all marketing activity, your content should be strategic, working in tandem across various channels and compelling your audience to specific goals, whether that’s brand-building, data capture or plain old selling. But we should never forget, audiences are sophisticated – going for the hard-sell will at best disinterest your audience, at worst alienate them.
Instead your content should aim to tell a story, evoke emotion, entertain or inform – this is at the very heart of content marketing and relationship-building. Well-conceived and relevant content is critical to successful content marketing. In short, every word on your web page and every frame of your video needs to serve a purpose and engage your audience.

Here is how compelling and goal-oriented marketing content is important:

1. Make it snappy!
Your audience’s attention span is diminishing at a fast pace, making it even more important to produce content that holds their interest. Well-produced, strategic content is easy to consume and balanced with short, crisp sentences, soundbites or visuals will enhance that consumption. As an aside, as well as appealing to your audience, this content enhances your SEO – a fantastic peripheral benefit.

2. Make it multimedia.
Blog articles, videos, podcasts and infographics will do great things to add interest and enhance the user experience, providing content that really resonate with your audience.

3. Make it relevant.
Content marketing, like all marketing, is not about what you want people to consume, but what your customers or prospects desire. This needs-focused approach keeps audiences engaged and brand-loyal.

4. Make it social.
Clearly, if you’re going to the trouble of producing fantastic content, you want to make sure it’s shared to as wide an audience as possible. Don’t forget to include options that allow your fanbase to share your content.

5. Keep it niche.
While good content allows you to reach niche audiences, it also helps create an effective and positive online presence for your brand. Additionally, by focusing on how your products, services or brand can specifically benefit niche groups in a compelling way you’ll not only engage your audience but also pre-empt the big question, ‘what is in it for me?’

Before you start out on your mission to create reams of content keep in mind that dated and outdated content is unlikely to achieve the desired outcome and could actually be detrimental to your business. Your content should be fresh, new and relevant. Producing high quality, compelling content neither comes easy nor is inexpensive. However, it is a marketing tool that when implemented with care, can take your online business to greater heights and position your brand firmly in the hearts and minds of your audience.


  1. You hit the nail on the head. It isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy, but creating value through content is the future of marketing. Good article.

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