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Are You Hiding The Best Of Your Website?

Are You Hiding The Best Of Your Website?
Kent Height

The chances are, that if you’re trying to reach a B2B audience through your website, you’re hiding the best content you have. You may have a slick, persuasive pitch on the homepage but consider for a moment, the possibility that your prospective clients don’t want to read a brochure when they find you online.

Just check your analytics data for the keywords that are leading prospects to your website – they will of course relate specifically to the products and services that you provide – but I’ll bet that the search terms that got your prospects this far never implied that visitors to your site wanted a sales pitch. What they’re looking for (even if they don’t know it) is for a supplier that has authority, experience, integrity and specialist knowledge – all of which is represented in the type of content that is generally hidden away in the deep recesses of your blog.

What prospects actually want is content that educates and entertains – that shows new ways of working and provides inspiration. So why do 99% of B2B organizations hide this rich, brand-buildng, authoritative content and instead make their homepage the glossy but ineffective sales brochure that prospects will glance at with (potentially) cynicism? Why aren’t B2B websites more like online business tv channels or information hubs with shared learning, offering great resources to prospects (along with a ton of value and just as much goodwill)?

The point is, that your website shouldn’t be a sales pitch – it should be a resource that clearly highlights your expertise and knowledge, and the benefits that you offer over your competitors.

Sell Your Company First, Products Second

If you want to work with other businesses you need to sell the company, your knowledge, expertise and authority before your products. This is the stuff that long-term, mutually beneficial relationships are built on.

While your offering (products or services) are important, the chances are that your competitors are claiming to offer pretty much the same thing. By focussing on the non-tangible goodness you can really convey differentiation and start to build trust.

It All Starts With Your Content

The bottom line is, that it’s your content that’s not only going to get prospects on your site, but will also convince them that they need to be working with you.
You want to provide them with an insight to your business not just shove products or services at them.

The prospect, armed with a solid understanding of your business and what you’re all about is more likely to want to work with you. Your content should be accessible and diverse, including videos, thought-leadership articles, guides, infographics and other information that the prospect can really engage with.Just remember, that rather than pitching prospects, highlight what’s in it for them, address their pain points and provide answers to the problems that they may not even know that they have yet.

I may seem to be a radical approach, but by focussing on the needs of your prospects and providing them with rich, engaging and authoritative content rather than the slick pitch on your homepage, you’ll convey real credibility and get your new business relationships off to a great start. It’s time to stop hiding your best content – get it out there on your homepage

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