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Ad agencies need to “blow themselves up and start again”.

Ad agencies need to “blow themselves up and start again”.
Kent Height

According to former industry leader and entrepreneur, Cindy Gallop, ad agencies need to “blow themselves up and start again” in order to become relevant. She goes on to say, “You can’t stick on solutions, you can’t just add bits on, which is what everyone’s doing. You need to restructure from the core.”

It’s an interesting point of view and one that it’s difficult to argue with. The convergence of marketing, advertising, PR and social media in the online space have turned the traditional way of marketing on it’s head. This we know is nothing new. Way back in 2006 when David Meerman Scott released his seminal book “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”, change was already afoot.

But still there is a reluctance by many in marketing, PR and advertising to embrace these “new rules”. Cross-channel marketing blending high-concept creative with engaging, shareable content must surely be the way to inspire and connect with audiences.

It’s hard to disagree that the advertising models of old are indeed ready for change. And as Gallop says, adding bits on to the traditional advertising agency model just isn’t the way to go. But surely deconstructing (less extreme than ‘blowing up’) an established business presents challenges that are way beyond the pale for most agencies.

Whether those ad agencies in need of change consider growing new divisions within their business or start again from scratch, one thing is for sure – advertising will never be the same again.

Read Gallop’s comments in full here

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