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Even More Reasons To Start Using Video In 2015

Even More Reasons To Start Using Video In 2015
Kent Height

For a while now I’ve been highlighting the power of video in reaching and affecting online audiences. Well, a new infographic from Invodo shows how the persuasive power of video continues to motivate online audiences to engage with brands and… well, buy your products and services.

While the figures are all very impressive (consumers watch 60% of product videos, shoppers who view videos are 174% more likely to purchase, 50% of consumers are less likely to return a product after viewing a video etc.) the thing that really surprises me is that both consumer brands and B2Bs have been so slow to adopt video as a significant element of their digital marketing strategy.

Having produced literally hundreds of videos for B2B and consumer brands, I know from first hand experience how effective in engaging audiences video can be. I can also tell you that producing video is so incredibly straight-forward. There seems to be this idea that producing a video with any degree of professionalism is time-consuming and costly – this is just not the case.

With good planning a video producer will ensure that your shoot takes place with the minimum intrusion on your time and as little disruption to your team as possible. When I produce shoots for my clients, through efficient planning I am often able to produce several videos in one day, thus keeping costs down and delivering exceptional value to the client.

In terms of what a video can do for your profile online, a correctly tagged, titled and video-site-mapped clip will have a profound impact on your SEO efforts – indeed, it wasn’t that long ago that Forrester reported that video increased your likelihood of a first page Google ranking by X50.

The point is that video engages, motivates and inspires audiences. It gives a voice to your brand and allows them to immerse themselves in everything that your brand stands for. Check out the Invodo infographic, oh and if you want to experience the power that online video can offer your brand, drop me a line, I’d be happy talk it through with you.


Video SEO Inforgraphic

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