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Marketing is Dead – Long Live Marketing.

Marketing is Dead – Long Live Marketing.
Kent Height

It’s interesting that the well-established and proven marketing tools of old (most of them derived from the consumerism of 1950’s America); the theories and channels that were “the standard” just a few years ago, are so irrelevant in todays marketing landscape. So why do so many marketeers and ad execs seem so unable to move forward and embrace the new marketing rules?

Creative marketers are producing some great campaigns combining social, mobile, print, TV and experiential – but so many seem to miss the very concept of marketing – “identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs”, and instead opt for ‘pushing’ products and services at audiences.

If you’re looking to alienate your customers this is the way to do it. If we are to genuinely identify, anticipate and satisfy customers needs, surely it begins with creating a relevant and meaningful dialogue – and that’s where the value of social marketing is unprecedented.
Interruptive marketing is of a bygone era – the new rules of marketing are about so much more than forcing ads at audiences. I would argue that the AIDA model has become the AIEDRSA model, Awareness, Interest, Engagement, Desire, Relationship building, Sharing (social), Action… with more of the relationship and engagement stuff for good measure! Of course AIEDRSA isn’t a particularly snappy acronym so may need a re-brand!

Marketing, advertising and PR are converging. As marketers we need to be more integrated than ever before and throw away Ye Olde Book of Marketing – there’s a brave new world out there for those ready to embrace the new possibilities and innovate.

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