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“It’s Time For Social Media To Be Taken Seriously.”

“It’s Time For Social Media To Be Taken Seriously.”
Kent Height

In their new ‘Seriously Social’ report into the effectiveness of brands’ use of social media, marketing information service Warc claims that marketers need to apply the same seriousness to planning, budgeting and measuring campaigns with a social media element as they do to more traditional campaigns.

And while Unilever, P&G, Kraft and Mars are apparently the “most social” brand owners, “too many social media campaigns are short-term and low-budget and are still failing to quantify their impact on sales, market share or other financial metrics”, says the report.

There’s no doubt that brands have made great gains in the adoption of social media, but Warc’s research is evidence that more can be done to fully exploit what is arguably, the most effective comms channel available to consumer brands.

Consistent, engaging and well-executed social media activity provides a direct line into the hearts and minds of consumers – it’s the stuff of consumer brands’ dreams.

It will be interesting to see how social media is exploited by consumer brands in 2013.

Read more about Warc’s ‘Seriously Social’ report on The Wall.

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